Hazardous area

The smart marking KYPSAFE warns workers when a fixed danger is close.

Zone de danger fixe

  1. With the mobile application and the beacons, materialize the dangerous area in a few minutes only.
  2. Provide the workers with tags (hard hat, arm, or integrated into PPE).
  3. When a worker enters or approaches the dangerous area, he receives an alert.
  4. He can acknowledge the danger and stop the alarm by clicking on the button on the tag.
  5. If he is in danger, the alert is immediately shared with the coworkers/site manager (no network required)

4 steps


KYPSAFE warns the workers on the ground about an imminent danger or collision


In the event of an accident happening on the worksite,
an alarm is spread on the system


Coworkers give assistance, the system can warn emergency services if needed


Collected data on accidents improve tomorrow’s construction site

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