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The smart marking KYPSAFE responds to important issues met on construction sites and on industrial maintenance sites closed to the public.

We offer a single product which systematically responds to all these use cases.

Zone de danger fixe

Hazardous area

Use beacons to materialize hazardous areas to create « virtual security barriers ». When a worker approaches or enters a dangerous area, a ringing and vibrating alarm is triggered.


Zone non-autorisée

Restricted area

Manage rights and co-activity so that authorized workers can easily access their working site. This system is useful when casual workers or visitors enter a worksite.


Collision Engin-Piéton

Vehicle – pedestrian collision

Collisions between vehicles and workers are some of the most expensive and serious incidents on a worksite. We create « virtual security bubbles » in order to warn a too-close worker of a vehicle. The driver is straight away warned.



Vehicle – vehicle collision

Prevent collisions between vehicles on a working site : crane, heavy plant machinery, forklift truck…


Travaux en hauteurs : plafonds de sécurité

Works-at-height : virtual security ceiling

In order to prevent accidents when dangers in height are identified on worksite. This use case aims at improving safety for workers but also for vehicles.


Levée de charge

Load lifting

We create « virtual security cones» during load lifting in order to prevent risks of collision. In case of any possible collision, the system informs the driver to reduce the crane travel speed or even to stop it.


Protection du travailleur isolé

Lone worker protection

Protection system for people who work alone or out of sight of colleagues. The system works inside, outside and underground.



KYPSAFE is the most global solution available on the market.
Developed as well as tested by and for professionals, the nomadic system can be quickly implemented.
Competitive advantage is the starting point of our strategy : KYPSAFE is a global solution which answers numerous use cases in a single product.
No need for multiple solutions on one worksite.

KYPSAFE is a connected solution that materializes hazardous areas, locates and alerts in real-time all workers on sites when danger is close. When a worker approaches or enters a dangerous area, a ringing and vibrating alarm is triggered. All the workers of the site can be warned with a shared position of the worker in danger.

  • Nomadic solution
  • Autonomous operation (via local network)
  • Quick installation, in a few minutes only
  • Works indoors, outdoors, and even underground
  • Positioning relative to the danger
  • Autonomous self-diagnosis system
  • Designed, developed and manufactured in France


As soon as danger is detected

Warns the worker of a danger and the driver if need be.


Few seconds later

A shared alert is dispatched
to warn coworkers or on-site manager


Analysis time

Based on analytics, shape
tomorrow’s worksites

4 steps


KYPSAFE warns the workers on the ground about an imminent danger or collision


In the event of an accident happening on the worksite,
an alarm is spread on the system


Coworkers give assistance, the system can warn emergency services if needed


Collected data on accidents improve tomorrow’s construction site

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